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Konfrontation mit dem Selbst.


Rebellion against the inner, as against the outer. How does our exterior reflect our interior?

In the chaos, I seek tranquility. Fascination. Fanaticism. Identity. Isn't it intriguing how the sense of our inner identity is in harmony and discord with the external? Introspective.

Conversation with the self - controversy within the self. Contention over an essential question.

Torn apart to become whole. What is your purpose, and what defines you? On a quest. Is the self the core, or the construct that define our personality? Worldview - self-image.


Is contentment, in the end, the self in harmony with confrontation? Inner conflict - inner dance. Dance with yourself. Dance against your-self. In the game against oneself, there are only winners - and losers. Infinity of reflection. How many combinations are possible? How many combinations will have been possible? Round after round. Stone by stone.

What does puzzling have to do with balance? Recurring concept. Diagonal of time.


Is the clarity we eventually attain an understanding of it all? Totality of the found. Rethink or put into perspective? Concept of life - concept of art.


Construction of the self.



(Kenji Shinohe) Person.

Person enters the white room.

Person approaches object.

Person constructs object.

Person absorbed in game against himself.

The dance with himself.

The dance against himself.

Tower holds 1.2 meters unplayed.

Whirring of the ceiling lights.

White noise.

Unplayed - peak - fall.

Complete silence - bricks fall.

Construction - deconstruction.

Installation - de-installation.

A static documenting video recording.

Documenting from two different perspectives.

OBJEKT - body - time - construct.


Creative Direction & Concept: Christian Brand, Lena Klennert

Dancer: Kenji Shinohe

Soundtrack: Gesa Lugner

Text: Lena Klennert

Design: Christian Brand

Game: Maximilian Wunderlich

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