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Embracing the process of development and metamorphosis, we propose attire that reflects the inner process of exploration through its transformability. Versatile, stretchable, drapeable. Formed by history, by art and architecture - by Brutalism. It is not about a certain goal - it is about the creative confrontation with oneself.

Rebellion against the inner as well as the outer. As a generation that is less able than ever to forecast the future, we need to be adaptable. It is about the idealized ambition to be authentic in material and construction, and ethical in social aspects.

To reduce overproduction we offer a selected range of pieces and quantities, and employ deadstock fabrics to contribute our part to a more sustainable fashion industry.
For us, taking action is not only important, but inevitable. Our production takes place in small Polish factories that we know personally, as well as in our atelier.

Design as rebellion and reflection, as interpretation of our own state of mind - as a form of true self expression. While we share our vision and inspiration, everyone has the freedom to interpret and adapt it.

OBJEKT is all about the second impression - the impression that lasts.

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